Students in my field botany class with western peony

Breaking update: I will be teaching a lichenology class at UC Davis in spring 2017! Drop me a line for more details.


I enjoy teaching a range of topics related to ecology, botany and biology in many settings. As an educator, I strive to help all my students develop skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and communicating with diverse audiences.

Looking closely at sepals at a neighborhood plant identification workshop at the Lawrence Community Orchard

I help students become independent scientists by emphasizing skills for scientific inference, particularly study design and analysis methods. I also encourage students of ecology to gain inspiration and ideas by spending time observing the natural world.

Taking students in the field is one of my favorite parts of teaching, and I love the unique opportunities for learning that occur hiking along a trail, where examples of connections between plant communities and landscape ecology are in panoramic abundance.

For more information on my teaching experience, please see my CV.



I believe that connecting and communicating with diverse groups outside of academia is a key part of being a scientist. To this end, I build relationships with land managers, members of the conservation community, and the general public through collaborative projects, outreach events, and citizen science projects.

I particularly enjoy leading plant identification workshops for people of all experience levels. Please contact me if you’re interested in having me speak or lead a workshop at an event.

Presenting my research results to land managers at the Missouri Department of Conservation