I regularly collaborate with students on research projects related to plant and lichen community ecology, landscape ecology, and plant and lichen life history characteristics. I greatly enjoy mentoring, and usually work with one or two students each term.

If you’re interested in working with me on a mentored research project please contact me! I’m especially interested in working with motivated, creative students who are considering careers related to ecology, botany, conservation, etc.

Please see my CV for a list of projects previous students have worked on.


My 2017-2018 undergrad research assistants at UC Davis, Kyle, Edward and Maaike (from left)
IMG_1459 - Version 2
Damschen lab undergrads and grad students, Spring 2015
Sara (with her wizened mentor) presenting her glade community research at the end-of-semester poster session!
Brandon databases Ozark plants for donation to the Wisconsin Herbarium
Anisa hard at work on cutting-edge GIS analyses
John sorts grasshopper collections.
Shannon checks out Penstemon flowers on a fieldwork trip in the Ozarks
Damschen-Orrock undergrads Savannah, Mitul and John with Jesse and Phil, fall 2013